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"Michael Tranmer spoke authentically, eloquently and enthusiastically to my members. Michael totally engaged the audience with his stories and examples and the depth and breadth of his knowledge ... my members simply loved him."

Roger Killen

Vancouver, BC
Founder and Producer at Get Inspired Talks



Michael has worked as a consulting engineer in British Columbia for over twelve years. He specializes in ports, harbours and coastal engineering, and has been fortunate to work on challenging projects throughout British Columbia. Michael is passionate about growing his skills as a conscious leader and empowering emerging leaders.




Keynote Talk:


Bridging the gap between generations in the workplace.


This presentation provides an honest look at the challenges when leaders across different generations come together in the workplace. The talk will explore how each generation can better understand the other, and how the differences between the generations can be used to an organization’s advantage.


Leveraging this diversity will drive innovation, staff retention, and revenue. Building a strong and open relationship between the generations, based on respect and dialogue, will result in tapping into the best traits of both sets of workers. Where does it all start? With awareness of both generations’ skills, passions and desires.

Learning objectives:

  • understanding the differences for millennials and baby boomers across the following categories: motivation, energy, strengths, mentoring/coaching, technology, relationships,

  • how to leverage the diversity between the generations to increase innovation, staff retention, and revenue

  • applying the P.A.C.E. formula in the workplace to help develop conscious leaders.




“Great talk Mike! I feel fueled to develop clearer, bolder ambitions. Thanks for asking me and the group to follow the talk with an email of our short/long-term goals; this is just the kind of accountability that I need to keep my goals in focus. Also thank you for your honesty! Hearing about another’s struggles is relieving and hearing about your subsequent positivity is inspiring. I can’t wait to learn more about your transformation!”


Conor Ofsthun

Coastal Scientist,  Moffatt & Nichol

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“Great presentation for the Young Professional Community today. Was really inspiring and had me think more about my goals and how I want to contribute and play a pivotal role for Moffatt & Nichol. Hopefully you can contribute more in some manner to these monthly meetings because I thought everything you said was very motivating.”


Jesse Prado

CADD Technologist, Moffatt & Nichol

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“I really enjoyed your talk yesterday to the Young Professionals group, I think you made some very interesting points about the link between health, stress and work life.”


Jack Muldoon

Graduate Engineer, Moffatt & Nichol

"Michael is one of the most real souls we have met!! His ability to dive into truth thru openness, rawness and tears was refreshing!! What is so beautiful is that he speaks from what he himself has gone thru and shifted within himself - true authentic, integral choices that aligned his energy and his actions in the way he shows up. What he says, he is."

Michelle Mann
Co-host Empowering Sacred Souls and
Founder of

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"Michael Tranmer is EXACTLY what every person should be: kind, authentic, raw, honest, and PROFOUNDLY COURAGEOUS!!! He holds nothing back; he is a FASCINATING Conversationalist and a TRUE GENTLEMAN! His uncharacteristic ability to touch the deepest, most vulnerable places within himself, specifically for the benefit of others is ASTOUNDING and . . . GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! Whether you're looking for a Coach, a Featured Expert for your podcast, show, or summit, or you need a Speaker for your next event, . . . Michael Tranmer is the One!"


P.J. Dixon

Professional Speaker, International Transformation Coach, and "Empowering Sacred Souls" Podcast Co-Host —

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"Michael inspired me with authentic storytelling, vulnerability, passion and motivation. We talked about moving on after relationship break ups, powerfully creating our vision, purpose, consistency, mindsets, re-framing, intentions and more.


Michael lets us in on his secrets to making our dreams come true!"

Aeythen Lu Kelta

curator of Highly Evolved Male Summit

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