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satori ananda - awaken to happiness. synopsis

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

What if your life suddenly lost all meaning?

How would you respond to hitting rock bottom?

Could you rebuild your identity?

Michael Tranmer had to discover answers to these questions and more after the heartbreaking end of his marriage. In an instant, his vision of building life and a family with his wife was replaced with a painfully blank slate. For the first time in his life, Michael faced the sadness of being lost and alone. The weight of the grief triggered an awakening of consciousness deep within his soul. As an engineer, Michael was presented with this ultimate problem to solve: who am I now?

To find his answer, Michael turned inward. He began a courageous journey within to re-engineer his life. As he ventured deeper, he learned hard truths about himself. At the same time, Michael began to experience moments of true bliss as he learned to live fully in the present moment.

Through his personal growth, Michael discovered mindfulness and spirituality, where he learned how to overcome persistent waves of sorrow. With the help of a colourful cast of characters, Michael learned practical steps to move forward and intentionally create the new life of his dreams.

In this raw and powerful memoir, Michael Tranmer fearlessly shares his transformational story from emotionally caged and heartbroken, to self-aware and fully expressed. His journey of self-discovery shows how he transcended his pain to find his greater purpose. On his inspiring journey, Michael discovers the one thing that will ultimately awaken himself, and others, to lasting happiness.


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