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post launch depression

no one told me about the post Launch Depression.⁣

apparently it's fairly common for authors to feel in the weeks that follow publication.⁣

nothing but emptiness after years and years of focus and energy centered on one ultimate milestone of berthing your creation to the world.⁣

I remember feeling the same numbness after doing an Ironman. months and months on a defined mission with a challenging goal only to cross the finish line and ask, "was that IT?"⁣

but perhaps the biggest realization, and the one that hurts the most, is that I've lost the one thing that has been so successful in distracting me from the loss I was reeling from in the first place.⁣

I've lost the time spent with my pen-journal-computer-companion that I used to fill the gaps in my cracked soul.⁣

two-and-a-half years of purposeful time spent alone meticulously crafting flowing sentences reliving my most painful and most beautiful moments.⁣

where once I had a cool excuse to work every evening and weekend, now I have returned to face the one thing I dreaded the most when this nightmare first unraveled: Loneliness.⁣

for those feeling anxious about entering the dark months all alone;⁣

for those experiencing loss for the first or thousandth time;⁣

for those wondering how TF they're going to get up tomorrow to face another day sitting alone with their demons;⁣

I feel you.⁣

nothing I can say can lesson the burden that you carry, but just know that I feel you, and it hurts.⁣

all I can offer is the very simple process that I use.⁣

it is these two things:⁣

1. Keep Going ⁣

2. know that, with every loss comes the opportunity to welcome in something new ⁣

I Love You⁣


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