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about the book's cover

Everyone has been asking about the cover for satori ananda.

Here's the story of how it came to be.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

Back in the spring I got serendipitously (this whole journey has been like this) connected with Laura Wrubleski, from Visualaura Studios.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ I unloaded everything I had in my mind for what I felt the cover should convey.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ What she came back with was pure brilliance.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

In her words:⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

"The cover design for satori ananda reflects the concepts of⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ awakening, spirituality, growth and self-discovery within the book. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ The main focus on the cover is the concept of rings, which represent energy and third-eye awakening.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ Blue and orange are the primary colours used in the cover. Blue is a calming, grounded colour that represents water and is the colour of the author’s eyes. Orange is the natural complement to blue. Together, they create a sense of triumph, hope and joy.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

In this concept, rings surround the title in an explosion of colour and energy. There is a feeling of joy, expansiveness⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ and outward growth. It sparkles, radiates and shines. The rings and rays illustrate the third-eye awakening that⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ happens in the book, and invites the reader to awaken to the same happiness the author found. The abstract design⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ is modern, minimal and gender-neutral.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ The line weight of the lettering for “satori ananda” has been chosen to match the lines radiating from the centre, and for maximum readability. The script font used for “awaken to⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ happiness” is similar to the font in the author’s tattoo. Blue is the primary colour which creates a grounded feeling that is awakened by a shocking orange."⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

There were 3 other concepts which I shared with my internal advisory team (aka my family). We all liked different ones, so I did what I have done repeatedly on this journey: ignored the advice of others and went with my gut.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out.

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