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Inspiring you to live your


Passionate About Inspiring Others

I know what it feels like for life to lack meaning. To be chasing the next pay check or hitting the rock bottoms.


To feel like you must hide behind masks or build a layer of protective armour, disconnected from the world.


For your self-worth to rely on whether you have won or lost against your supposed adversary.


It can really drain your energy.


But it doesn’t have to be like that..


You can radically improve your relationships, career trajectory and mindset.

My Why:

The one question I always get asked: How did you get into coaching?

The answer: through working with a coach of my own :)

You see, I've always been a coach; I coached sports in high school and university, I coach project teams working as an engineer, and now I coach people into creating the life of their dreams.

But it has been a battle to get here.


My longest battle was in my career as an engineer. For over a decade I struggled. I knew I wasn't doing my best work, living to my full potential, speaking my truths.

I felt stuck. I needed motivation for change. But even if I had it I didn't know what to change to.

So I put my head down like a Tranmer and powered through staying busy doing all the 'things'.

But I knew there was something more. I just didn't know how to get it.

'Luckily' for me, 'it' got me, when my marriage ended.

The unraveling of my personal life, as painful as it was, was exactly what I needed - to awaken myself to my best life.

At a certain point when I was piecing my world back together I began working with a coach of my own.

At that point my transformation accelerated to the point where I started helping those around me. By helping others I finally felt like I was doing the work I was always meant to do.

The rest, they say, is history ... or in my case, recorded history (if you read my book ;) ).

Now I help others where I struggled.

The contrast in becoming a entrepreneur after years working full time as an engineer was yet another monumental battle. 

This is what I love to do, help others get started so they can help heal others in need.

We get one shot at this life. We are SO LUCKY to be on this planet for this brief moment in time - why waste one more second if we are not living the life of our dreams.


​Even if everyone around you doesn’t understand your new direction, trust me. I get it. I've been there. I've done this process. 

​I aim to motivate, offer emotional support and unleash your confidence to help you live to your full potential.


​I have been coached myself by one of the top coaches in North America. 

Welcome to my journey :)


  • Evolutionary Business Council - Master Training - Impact Weekend with Satyen Raja (2019)

  • Media Mastery Boot camp - High Pressure Communication with Dr. Shawne Duperon (2019)

  • Vancouver Entrepreneurs Toastmaster Club (2019)

  • Certified Coach Practitioner - Certified Coaches Federation (2018)

  • The Power of Success with Tony Robbins (2018)

  • High Performance Academy Live & Experts Academy Live with Brendon Burchard (2018)

  • Rock The Stage Graduate - Speaker Success Formula with Karen McGregor (2018)

  • Professional Engineer since 2010 (P.Eng)

  • Project Management Professional since 2014 (PMP)

  • PSMJ Project Manager Bootcamp (2017)

  • Project Manager / Consulting Engineer since 2006

  • Project Manager leading and motivating teams of engineers on mutli-million-dollar design contracts for projects with capital costs up to $25M

  • Master of Science, Coastal Engineering – Queen’s University 2007 (M.Sc.)

  • Bachelors of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering – University of Victoria 2005 (B.Eng)

  • Ironman Finisher – Mont Tremblant 2016

  • Member of the Canadian Youth Sailing Team – represented Canada at the 1998 Youth World Sailing Championships in Cape Town, South Africa

  • Interests: travel, outdoor sports (surfing, biking, running, swimming), art, writing, personal development

  • Brother, Son, Friend, Best-uncle-in-the-world 😊