​​Michael Tranmer is an author, professional engineer, and TEDx speaker.

Michael is the author of satori ananda – awaken to happiness, a memoir about his conscious awakening following the sudden end of his marriage.


Michael is a leader in western Canada in the highly specialized field of coastal engineering, where he designs and builds infrastructure along the British Columbia coast.


Michael's TEDx talk: How To Find Happiness By Reengineering Your Life, is now available.

Praise for Michael’s speaking and podcast appearances

"Michael brings raw energy, authenticity and passion to each one of his talks. He will fully connect with your audience through his stories and teachings. Michael's talks will inspire you to achieve more and give you the tools to do so."​

Karen McGregor - Bestselling Author, International Speaker (shared stage with Tony Robbins), Coach, Trainer, Founder/CEO of the Speaker Success Formula.


"Michael is one of the most real souls we have met. His ability to dive into truth through openness, rawness and tears was refreshing. What is so beautiful is that he speaks from what he himself has gone through and shifted within himself—true authentic, integral choices that aligned his energy and his actions in the way he shows up. What he says, he is."

​Michelle Mann - Co-host Empowering Sacred Souls and Founder of


"Michael inspired me with authentic storytelling, vulnerability, passion and motivation. We talked about moving on after relationship break-ups, powerfully creating our vision, purpose, consistency, mindsets, re-framing, intentions and more. Michael lets us in on his secrets to making our dreams come true!"

Aeythen Lu Kelta, curator of Highly Evolved Male Summit


"Michael Tranmer is exactly what every person should be: kind, authentic, raw, honest, and profoundly courageous. He holds nothing back; he is a fascinating conversationalist and a true gentleman. His uncharacteristic ability to touch the deepest, most vulnerable places within himself, specifically for the benefit of others is astounding and greatly appreciated. Whether you're looking for a coach, a featured expert for your podcast, show, or summit, or you need a speaker for your next event, Michael Tranmer is the One."

 P.J. Dixon - Professional Speaker, International Transformation Coach, and "Empowering Sacred Souls" Podcast Co-Host —


"Michael Tranmer spoke authentically, eloquently and enthusiastically to my members. Michael totally engaged the audience with his stories and examples and the depth and breadth of his knowledge ... my members simply loved him."

​​​Roger Killen - Founder and Producer at Get Inspired Talks

FOr podcast hosts:

Great For Your Show: Discover The 3 Ways To Overcome Life Altering Adversity – From Upcoming Author Michael Tranmer


Dear Show Host,

What do you do when life suddenly changes direction and you hit rock bottom? Michael Tranmer had to figure this out the hard way, when his marriage of six years came to a surprising end. In an instant, his comfortable life, with a stable engineering job and a condo in the city, lost all meaning. The weight of the grief immediately triggered an awakening of consciousness deep within his soul. The trauma from the breakup led to a series of realizations and the ultimate question: Who am I?

To find his answer, Michael began a journey inward to re-engineer his life. As he ventured deeper within, he learned some hard truths about his personality that he didn’t want to carry forward. At the same time, Michael began to experience moments of true bliss as he learned to live fully present in the moment.

In his #1 International Bestselling memoir, satori ananda – awaken to happiness, Michael Tranmer fearlessly shares his transformational story from caged and heartbroken, to self aware and fully expressed. His journey of self discovery includes life lessons embedded within extreme skiing and surfing adventures. On his journey, Michael discovers the one thing that will ultimately awaken himself, and others, to lasting happiness.

An interview with Michael Tranmer will inspire your listeners to take full ownership for all aspects of their lives. Your listener’s can look forward to learning the 3 Ways (3 C’s) that helped Michael overcome his life changing adversity:

  • The Commitment to pick yourself up out of Rock Bottom (no one is coming to save you)

  • Clarity on what new life you want to create

  • The Courage to fearlessly pursue your new dreams


Given the dramatic shifts in consciousness currently happening on a global scale, Michael’s story of his personal awakening is perfectly timed to guide others. On your show, Michael will distill the discomfort and unknowns embedded within his awakening experience to help support others going through similar experiences. Massive uncertainty, big life changes, facing the unknown, being faced with a blank slate, rebuilding oneself, none of it is easy. Michael will share, with reference to his upcoming book, the wisdom to help your listeners move courageously into the light.

Michael is an experienced podcast guest (and host of the Wake up Podcast) and has appeared on dozens of podcasts.


If your audience is looking to be inspired through a personal story of overcoming adversity, then book Michael at your earliest convenience. A full media kit is available here

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