with Michael Tranmer

Your 3 Month Program To Help Launch Your Coaching Business

(using proven strategies and an engineered system to help you reach success)

If you're not where you want to be with your


online coaching business,


if you're not making the revenue you desire,


if you're not attracting your ideal clients,


then you need to take a breath,


grab a seat,


and read this page from Top to Bottom.


and NO you don't need to spend $$$ on Facebook or Instagram ads, or work 24/7/365, or hire some guy off of fiverr to create an elaborate funnel to get you clients.

Let me ask you a Question or two:

What would it mean to you to have a profitable Coaching Business that was changing lives each and every week?

  • Maybe you will feel like you were finally doing the purposeful work that you love

  • Maybe you would have more confidence through your business success

  • Maybe you would finally be able to leave that 9 to 5 job you never loved

And why aren't you at this place now?

  • Maybe you've been putting off getting FULLY committed to this new path

  • Maybe you're still looking for that final push to put yourself and your product 'out there'

  • Maybe you are too comfortable in your current job and are afraid to actually create the business of your dreams


And what excuses have been holding you back?

  • are you wasting WAY to much time comparing yourself to other coaches on Instagram?

  • are you doing the bare minimum of 'liking' a potential clients post and 'hoping' they magically become a client?

  • are you sending HOURS creating posts but spending zero time doing what you know you actually need to do (hint: you need to message people more)?

Let me tell you, I've been in the EXACT same position

When I first got into Coaching, I wanted 'IT' to work so bad that I was giving out desperate

energy that was actually repelling potential clients.

Here's the good news though.

There is a way to make it all 'work'.

I know what it's like to continually put yourself out there and want to serve your people ... only to hear crickets back. 

I know what it's like to spend hours unproductively scrolling and comparing yourself to other coaches only to end up feeling like a pile of sh*t.

I know what it's like not to know what sequence of steps to take to reach coaching success.


There is a life beyond feeling the low confidence, anxiety overwhelm, stuck-forever-in-your-crappy-job world.


... let me show you how


  • You could be 1000% CLEAR and CONFIDENT on who you coach.

  • you could CLEARLY articulate your program and it's benefits so your ideal client would start coming to YOU

  • you could have full confidence in your Social Media strategy and stop 'posting-and-hoping'

  • you had a Plan, the Templates, and the Support to launch your program in a stress-free manner

  • you could FINALLY leave that soul sucking corporate job

It's time to lower the stress, up the strategy and actually start taking purposeful steps towards creating your Dream Coaching Business

Introducing ... 

Your 3 Month Group Coaching Program to help you build a SOLID FOUNDATION for your coaching, clearly COMMUNICATE your offer, and LAUNCH your program with a proven system.

Based on my 10 Step Engineered-BLUEPRINT for New Coaches, this 3 Month Program includes everything you need to go from feeling unsuccessful, frustrated, and hopeless in your online Coaching Business to feeling Confident, in Control and Clear on your Business and it's potential.

It's Game Time New Coach.

​By the end of our 3 Months together you will develop the skills and strategies to attract the clients of your dreams, you will learn the systems to drive MULA to your business, and finally reach more people to do the TRANSFORMATIONAL work that you yearn to do... and you are going to have a BLAST doing it!

But don't just take it from me ... my clients who have implemented the same strategies are rocking it too:

The Complete Coach Program will help you if:

  • you are in the Early Stages of your Coaching Business

  • you've been doing the Coaching 'thing' for a while but want an additional model to help you grow

  • you once and for all want to nail down a strategy for SUCCESS while keeping anxiety low

But really, the Complete Coach Program is for you if you are ACTUALLY committed to creating a profitable Online Coaching Business, want to EXPLODE your CONFIDENCE, and want to impact your people at the HIGHEST LEVEL.

I have Developed that EXACT Program that I wish I had when I first Started Coaching.

Here's what's included in the Complete Coach Group Coaching Program:

  • 12 Group Coaching calls over zoom (60-90 minutes long ... that will give you ACTIONABLE and IMPLEMENTABLE steps to grow your business each week

  • Access to a private Facebook Community to post your work, share your struggles, ask for advice, from a group of heart-centered coaches who are also working towards changing the world

  • Monthly (3 total), 45 minute one on one calls with Michael to deep dive into your business and keep your mindset aligned for success

  • access to ALL of the BONUSES

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...here's what people are saying about working with me


One week of private, 1:1 Coaching by text with Michael ($500 Value)


For one week (you choose the week) you get private, unlimited access to me by text to help work through a critical time during the program (most likely the week you launch your own program).

I know the fears that can come up when you are launching a program or promoting an event, that's why I specifically designed this BONUS to help you through that critical time.

I want to see you succeed.


...note this is only available to people who purchase Complete Coach before the end of the Fast Action Bonus

Here are the 3 Pillars of the Complete Coach Program that you will Master

1 - The Foundation

​Nothing gets built without a good foundation (what 2 Engineering degrees taught me ;) ).


In this first part of the Program we will cover 3 essential items:

  • your Coaching 'WHY' - why do you want to become a successful Coach? This is so important to define because it will be your motivation when you start to have doubts. You must have a strong WHY to keep going.

  • your STORY - you have to own your story. Why? Because it will help you connect with your target audience. I will help you clearly define your story and communicate it so it lands with your target audience, speaking of which...

  • your TARGET AUDIENCE - you have to niche down, sorry to burst your bubble. When you try to help everyone, you end up helping no one. There is a strategic way to niche down and identify your target audience, I will help you. 

2 - Communicating Your Offer

You MUST master communicating EFFECTIVELY & POWERFULLY with your potential clients.

In this second part of the Complete Coach Program we will drill down on:

  • building your community (Instagram following, email list, Facebook group, etc.) 

  • creating Content that Converts (more on this later ... you are going to LOVE the BONUS I have created for you)

  • creating your IRRESISTIBLE OFFER 

3 - Launching like a ROCKSTAR

I am going to walk you through my 6-Step process for launching like a ROCKSTAR:

  • committing to a date and getting started!

  • choosing and designing your Masterclass topic

  • creating pre-launch emails, posts, IG stories, Facebook banners

  • structuring your offer

  • designing and creating your Sales Page

  • post-launch emails, posts, IG stories, Facebook banners

Who am I and why learn from me?

Hey all,


I'm Michael, a Life & Business coach for new online coaches. I help my clients go from Concept to Clients with their coaching programs.

In the past year I've been able to retire from an unfulfilling engineering career using the strategies I'm going to teach you in this program.


I am so passionate about helping online coaches because my life was changed working with a coach of my own.

My mission is to help new heart-centered coaches fill their programs an transform the world.

Client love...

Why should you trust me at this stage of your journey?

Simple answer: because I've been there.

I've been where you are right now.

I understand how it feels to LACK CONFIDENCE when talking about my online coaching business. I understand how it feels to have very INCONSISTENT income for months on end. Very uncomfortable.

Just like you I was so frustrated when people didn't respond to my posts about my coaching. I couldn't understand why I wasn't converting them to clients. I took all of this to heart, and really beat myself up.

I was new to the online coaching world and it was definitely a wild ride I didn't anticipate. 

That's when I decide to UP MY GAME

I got some hard feedback that my clients wanted more. So I listened, then I buckled down and got to work. My clients wanted a clear system that would take them from A to Z and launch their products with a clear game plan.

They wanted to be able to identify their TARGET AUDIENCE, and EFFECTIVELY and CLEARLY COMMUNICATE with them.

I invested in an online course and learned a PROVEN METHOD for launching with ease. I decided to dedicate my days to learning what worked, so I could share it with my tribe.

I upped my game and became SUPER CONFIDENT in the program I was creating. This was the EXACT program I wish I had when I first got started into this wild world of Coaching.

The secret .... it's all in the system. The sequential steps, the consistent clear action, the TEMPLATES that work to get people into your programs.


but let's get real for a minute here...

now it's your turn...

Here's what's included in the Complete Coach Group Coaching Program:

  • 12 Group Coaching calls over zoom (60-90 minutes long ... that will give you ACTIONABLE and IMPLEMENTABLE steps to grow your business each week

  • Access to a private Facebook Community to post your work, share your struggles, ask for advice, from a group of heart-centered coaches who are also working towards changing the world

  • Monthly (3 total), 45 minute one on one calls with Michael to deep dive into your business and keep your mindset aligned for success

  • access to ALL of the BONUSES

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more Client love...

...and now for the BONUSES :)

FREE ACCESS to my Instagram Training Course...

Instagram Marketing Mastery for Coaches


​7 customized videos for Coaches and Entrepreneurs:

  • Class 1 - Your Biography

  • Class 2 - The Anatomy of a Post

  • Class 3 - Stories & Highlights

  • Class 4 - IGTV

  • Class 5 - Hashtags & Automations

  • Class 6 - Engagement, Pods, Client Acquisition & DMs

  • Class 7 - Final Review

Here's what people are saying about the course:

"Michael Tranmer's Instagram course allowed me to increase my followers over 39% in less than 2 months! Before the course, I wasn't clear how to best use the platform to promote my podcast The Autoimmune Hour and @understandingautoimmune in a creative and engaging way. Thank you, Michael, I now know how I can use all of Instagram's features to mobilize my ideal listeners. I highly recommend this program." 


Sharon Sayler, producer, and host of The Autoimmune Hour, #1 wellness show on OMTimes Radio. 


"Michael Tranmer's Instagram course allowed me to increase my followers over 24% in less than 2 months - imagine if I had implemented ALL of his teachings! Using the methodologies he taught, I was able to clean up my profile and start creating content to attract my target demographic. I learned how to effectively use the different features on IG - something that was completely foreign to me before this course. I now feel like I have the tools and strategies to effectively promote my work and attract my target audience. This is a great course."

Evana Carne, Founder and CEO of Evana Valle International™, www.evanavalle.com, @evanavalle

"Michael created an exceptional Instagram course showing us systems to reach my ideal target demographic, execute meaningful engagement, increase my following and mobilize potential clients to my online programs. Most important, Michael goes way beyond the extra mile. He actively poured over all my actions in Instagram to show me how to refine and up-level my visibility, engagement and account growth. I highly recommend Michael Tranmer if you want to learn in-depth, easy to implement, actionable strategies that will make a direct and quick improvement in your results!"


Debbie Lynn Grace, www.debbielynngracecom, @debbielynngrace

"Michael Tranmer's Instagram course provided me a better appreciation for how to effectively use the platform to create and stay connected with people who connect with my message. I'm on my way to more strategically creating, mobilizing and serving a following, using Instagram tools. I highly recommend this program and any teachings from Michael.


Valerie Sheppard, https://HappytoBeME.net, @happy.to.be.me


"Before taking Michael Tranmer's Instagram course I had no idea how to properly use the platform to promote myself and my business. After learning the systems he taught, I am now more confident when using the app. Recently I started recording live meditations for my followers, promoting the Lives in my stories and on my wall, and converting the live videos for use on IGTV. I could have never of done this before taking Michael's course!"

Sharon Carne, http://www.soundwellness.com, @soundwellness1

"Michael Tranmer's Instagram course allowed me to organically increase my followers over 8% in less than 2 months. Using his strategies for hashtags, I was able to better reach my target demographic and connect with future clients. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to gain confidence using Instagram and to understand how it can be a powerful tool for your business."

Ariel Shivers-McGrew, Founder & CEO Tactful Disruption, LLC, www.tactfuldisruption.co, @llctactful

"Using the techniques taught during Michael Tranmer's Instagram course I was able to effectively use the platform to promote the opening of my new yoga studio. Michael taught me which content best fit in the stories, on the wall and on IGTV. With the knowledge gained in this course I can now better communicate my offerings to potential customers. I was also able to get a better understanding of how to structure a post to mobilize potential customers to the yoga studio. This program is highly recommended."

Kristy Wright Schell, Professional Sup Surfer, Liquid Yoga Teacher, www.justaddwater.com, @justaddwateryoga @supyogakristy

Course Value = $497.

Your price when joining the Complete Coach Program = $0!

and don't forget...


One week of private, 1:1 Coaching by text with Michael ($500 Value)

...note this bonus is only available to people who purchase Complete Coach before the end of the FAST ACTION BONUS

even more Client love...

Here's What we are going to Cover in our 3 months together

Part 1 - The foundation

Week 1: Group Intro & Your Why

The Complete Coach Program starts by establishing your WHY for your coaching program. We will also outline the structure of our 3 months together, the expectations and get clarity on what it will take for you to get a return on your investment. (hint: you HAVE to do the work each and every week).

Week 2: Owning Your Story

I will help you get clear on 'Owning Your Story' and structuring it in a way that attracts your Target Audience. This is an important step but can be uncomfortable - that's why I am here to support and guide you. 

Week 3: Your Target Audience

The last step in building your foundation is getting CRYSTAL CLEAR on your Target Audience. The class will help you get massive clarity on who you want to work with long term ... and you don't.

Week 4: Foundation Review Week

Before we finish our Foundation we will review weeks 1 to 3. Students will be expected to present on their WHY, share their STORY and give an elevator pitch on their TARGET AUDIENCE. 

BIG GROWTH will happen this week. Putting you guys on stage will help hold you accountable to GET THE WORK DONE.

Part 2 - communicating your offer

Week 5: Building Your Tribe

Part 2 of Complete Coach kicks off with a deep dive into the various ways to build your community and get your message out there. We will explore the pros and cons of building your following on Instagram vs Facebook vs Email List, and the HOW-TOs to get it done.

Week 6: Creating Content that Converts

This week we will focus on ensuring your content is communicating a clear and effective message to your Target Audience. All students will be expected to have completed the Bonus Instagram Course before this class.

I will be deep diving into your content and will provide some brutally honest feedback on your efforts to date.

Week 7: Creating Your Irresistible Offer

The last step before launch: this week we will structure your Irresistible Offer and make it so POWERFUL that your Target Audience will be begging to get into your programs. Your offer will communicate your TA's wants and needs and how your service will solve their problems.

Week 8: Communicating Your Offer - Review Week

Just like Review Week 1, this week you guys will take the stage and share your: community building strategy, examples of your killer content, and finally present your irresistible offer to the group. All group members will be expected to provide constructive feedback. We are all in this together.

Part 3 - Launching like a rockstar

Week 9: Pre-Launch

This week you will get FULLY committed to launching your program by picking your date and your webinar/masterclass topic. I will share with you the exact planning template I use so you can plan your launch with ease. Once the date is set - you are fully committed. It's game time.

Week 10: Sales Page & Masterclass/webinar

This is a massively important step. I will slowly walk your through the content that needs to be included on your salespage and webinar. I will also share the options for hosting your sales page and webinar online. Yes you can do this. Yes I will help. I will share with you my exact TEMPLATES. I will teach you how to modify the templates to communicate your message.

Week 11: Pre &Post Launch Emails, Posts, Stories, Facebook Banners

We're almost there! Guys, in this class I will be giving you ALL OF THE TEMPLATES that you will need for your emails, posts, stories and facebook banners. I will share with you how and when to implement them with ease. 

Week 12: Review & Launch!

We made it. You've put in all the work. This week you will share all of your launch material with the class: your posts, your emails, your sales page, your webinar, all of it. Mark this date - after this class you will be 1000% ready to hit play on your MOST SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH EVER.

Here's what's included in the Complete Coach Group Coaching Program:

  • 12 Group Coaching calls over zoom (60-90 minutes long ... that will give you ACTIONABLE and IMPLEMENTABLE steps to grow your business each week

  • Access to a private Facebook Community to post your work, share your struggles, ask for advice, from a group of heart-centered coaches who are also working towards changing the world

  • Monthly (3 total), 45 minute one on one calls with Michael to deep dive into your business and keep your mindset aligned for success

  • BONUS - Instagram Marketing Mastery for Coaches ($497 Value)

  • FAST ACTION BONUS (buy before Aug 8 midnight) - 1 week private coaching by text ($500 value)


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"From one conversation with Michael I was inspired to say yes to all that I wanted to manifest in my business and in my life - what has begun to transform is incredible! During our call he asked me questions which inspired me to look at my process in a new way. After our call I found the courage to start my business and now, after a few short weeks, I am already at capacity with my bookings!"​

Cindy Ryan 

North Vancouver, BC

Intuitive Coach, Reiki Practitioner 


The Complete Coach is a 3 month long group coaching program. We'll have a group coaching call every week where homework from the previous week will be reviewed and new material will be presented. Weeks 4, 8 and 12 will be used for review and for the students to present their material.

The program includes monthly (3 total) one on one calls with me. This is your opportunity to show up fully with a list of questions, concerns, or blockages that you want to overcome. As with the group calls, you will get out of these calls what you put into them. You will initiate scheduling these calls and they will occur at a mutually convenient time.

Why is this program right for you? Because you are TIRED of struggling to get clients. You are TIRED of questioning your coaching abilities. You are TIRED of not having the business of your dreams.

By the end of the program you will have the tools, system and mindset you need to build the coaching business of your dreams and finally attract the clients of your dreams.

As mentioned, you will get out of this program what you put into it. If you decide to skip the weekly homework, join the calls while you're grocery shopping or half watching netflix, fail to put in the work to create your launch materials, you will not get the value out of this program. That is on you, not me. This program is for action takers.

For those that do put in the work...

so, how's all this gonna work...

here's what you'll walk away with:

  • ​Clarity on who you coach and why

  • Clarity on what to say to your Target Audience and how to connect with them

  • The tools and skills to grow your community of potential clients through Content that Converts

  • An irresistible offer that your prospects will drool over

  • A 6-step process (complete with ALL the TEMPLATES you need) to calmly, confidently and successfully launch your programs

  • everything you need to fill your programs and recover your investment with me x 10.

Dear New Coach - I want you to have success.

And I know how badly you want it too.

That's why I created this program to provide you with EVERYTHING you need for success. A to Z.

I have included everything I have learned from my investments in coaches of my own, online courses, and live trainings.

My mission is to help you achieve business success.

Through my own experiences, I know how transformative coaching can be.

That's why I have given this program my ALL, to ensure more successful coaches are created, and more lives are transformed.

you may have some questions ...

1. Is this Program right for me?


This program is for frustrated online coaches who are looking for an all-encompassing program that will help them attract the clients they love. This program is for you if you are brand new to coaching, or you already have a few clients but are looking for a new model to attract more clients on a regular basis.

2. I'm so stoked - when do we start?

The next intake is in Fall 2019. Sign up for the wait list to be first to be notified.

3. What happens after I make my payment?

You will receive an email within 24 hrs to confirm your access to the program and your commitment to take your coaching biz to the next level! I will personally reply and welcome you into the private Facebook group.

If you have any other questions about the Complete Coach program please email me or send me a DM on Instagram.

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