The Coaches' Coach

"Michael's transformation has inspired many around him to ask the tough questions and to seek and demand more out of this precious life.  His drive to escape the ordinary and to lead by example is contagious."​

Private Client ~ Kamloops, British Columbia

"I see your potential & accelerate you towards it."

The Complete Coach Group Program

My Coaching Programs a 3 month program where I help launch new online coaches.

After 90 days my clients will have grown their social media following, increasing their influence, launching their own coaching program and working with their first clients.

I provide a systematic approach to get you from A to B. I provide you with every tip and trick that I used in building my business.

It is my passion to help launch heart-centered healers who want to help others.


My clients are passionate about helping others by sharing what they learned from their own challenges in life.

I am also committed to helping my clients create a lifestyle of freedom by attracting their own high-ticket clients and working on their terms.

I work with men and women who have 10 -15 years of corporate experience.

My clients have achieved a high level of success in their industries but are now asking themselves 'now what?'

My clients have also overcome a low-point in their life and are now looking to help others where they once struggled.

This is the ticket to meaningful and purposeful work.

I help you combine all that you have learned from your struggles into your own online Coaching Business.

I help you take those scary first steps towards once and for all leaving the corporate world behind so you can work on your terms serving those who you want to help. 

If you are someone who is motivated to serve others on a higher level than you are in the right spot. 

This program is limited to 12 spots. I cannot accept everyone. I only work with motivated, world-changers who are committed to helping others.

I look for drive, passion and someone who is coachable. 

If that is you click below to apply for my Transformational program.

"By relating techniques and thought practices drawn from leading contemporary sources and his own individual experience, Michael provides numerous insights into understanding your personal outlook and how to affect lasting positive change."

Private Client ~ Victoria, British Columbia​

What will you learn?

  • I help you identify your target audience (in most cases you become the coach you wished you had during your own struggles)

  • I help you get clarity on your custom program 

  • I help you take the scary first steps towards eventually leaving the corporate world behind

  • I help you create a responsible plan to transition into a full time entrepreneur

  • I help you grow your social media, influence and learn to attract your target demographic

  • I help you clarify what makes you unique and identify your personal brand

  • I help you create compelling content to attract your first clients

  • I help you stay focused and not become overwhelmed by all the 'things'

  • I teach you how to close high ticket coaching packages with confidence

  • I help you create a freedom-based business lifestyle 

  • I help you clear the limiting beliefs, blocks and patterns that are limiting your growth​

Apply today if this resonates with you.

"You can feel the love, positivity and authenticity that exudes from him. Michael's passion is inspiring and will light a fire in you to make changes and start living your best life."​

Tiffany Brick ~ Kingston, Ontario

  • coaches, life coaches, healers, business coaches, entrepreneurs, reiki practitioners 

  • you already have people coming to you for help or guidance, but you don't know how to turn it into a business

  • the thought of attracting your first clients through social media scares the sh*t out of you, but you know you have to do it. you know you want to help people

  • you are already an amazing coach, but feel lost/overwhelmed with thoughts of starting your own business and marketing yourself

  • you are unclear on how to position yourself online as an authority. you are overwhelmed by comparison looking at other content

  • you value your time and your freedom but you want to maintain a high quality of life

Who is this for?

"Even from 3,000 miles away, Michael's positivity had a tangible and tremendous impact on me. I live in NYC and work a full time job as a video producer freelancing consistently on the side. I had recently been experiencing some blockages in my professional life. Over the course of a few short weeks, Michael's sheer energy and positive reinforcement was able to help me cut through distractions and find clarity to focus on goals with a greater purpose. I would highly recommend working with Michael today!"​

Oscar Brett ~ New York, New York

"I help you achieve all of your goals faster than you ever thought possible."

"When I started working with MT I was in a very bad place in life. I had to make a decision between a relationship that wasn't working and a job and life situation that I wasn't sure of either. I chose to put all of my focus on myself and my career but really didn't know what that meant or how I would change things to make my life what I wanted.

I decided that if I was going to make this change it wouldn't be alone so I reached out to see what coaching could offer me. After just one call the positivity that MT brought to my life was noticeable! I couldn't believe what simply taking stock of the good things in my life could do for my mindset and as we moved forward listing these things and working on the things that I was uncertain about began to give me amazing clarity!

I have always wanted to be better at my job, better in my personal relationships and better at coaching a motivating people but I knew I couldn't do that until I had absolute confidence in myself. The coaching sessions began with a focus on me and who I was and as I went through it more I began to realize that people in my life truly love me and think I'm amazing. This was always the case but I had never really been able to accept it as truth. Once I got this amazing confidence and a plan established by MT to move forward on my goals things began to just happen.

I was blown away by what MT had taught me about myself and the power of my own mind. Once I began to write down my thoughts and goals and take small actions so many doors opened. I feel that I am now on the path to the place that I want to be in my life and career. Everyday I try to take what he has taught me and apply it to my work and personal life and it's never been met with anything but positivity and results.

I have been given opportunities and had successes in the last 6 months of coaching that I never thought possible and it is all due to the hard work MT motivated me to do on myself. I will never stop working with him as his amazing understanding of the world and how to motivate and teach can't be beat.

He is a true inspiration to me and all of his clients! "

Private Client ~ Ontario

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