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Paint the canvas of your dream life.


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About me

What lights me up is helping others reach their full potential. I spent far too long playing small, hiding my gifts from the world. Not any more. We get one shot at this life. My intention is to live fully expressed creating the life of my dreams. And I want the same for you.


What does leadership mean to you? To me, the mark of a true leader is one that fully engages their team and helps them thrive personally and professionally. But how do you become an Engaged Leader in a divided, burnt-out and fragile world? My keynote talk focuses on how leaders can navigate the new landscape to increase Retention, Engagement and Profits.

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  • Are you struggling to Attract and Retain High Quality Talent?

  • Is your current team working for Fridays and you wish they were more Engaged?

  • Does your team need to satisfy mandatory Professional Development Training?

The Engaged Leadership Program is for Senior Leaders and Emerging Leaders looking to reinvigorate their teams and create a thriving work environment. If you’ve been wondering how to create a more engaged team while up levelling your leadership skills, this is your answer.

my book

I never thought hitting rock bottom would ignite the transformation I craved. In this memoir I share how I turned a painful loss into an opportunity for reinvention. My hope is that this story inspires you to live your greatest life.

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media appearances

I’ve had the honour of being featured across several premium media outlets. A privilege I take with great responsibility, these appearances have gifted me the opportunity to inspire and connect with many.

get in touch

Want to hire me to speak at your next event? Get in touch with me today.

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